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A Story of Two Argentines

This is a story of two Argentines – brought together by their love of authentic Argentinian cuisine and the happy-go-lucky spirit that comes with enjoying a hearty meal.

Oscar, a native to Uruguay, came to South Africa as a young boy. He quickly fell in love with the vibrancy and eclectic mix of South African culture, particularly its love for great meat. As time wore on though, he began to feel a little homesick, not least for his mom’s homemade recipes and wondrous cooking persona.

Oscar decided to take it upon himself to start recreating recipes from home, making mouth-watering empanadas and assados to match. Having perfected these homemade recipes, Oscar was introduced to Bernardo, a flamboyant national who came to South Africa from Argentina just 4 years ago. The pair quickly became the best of friends and through grit, sweat and determination, decided to start a business selling empanadas at the now famous Arts on Main in Maboneng.

Before they knew it, Oscar and Bernardo were selling hundred’s of units every weekend. They found a terrific gap in the market and with growth came an expansion into other food items, including pork and sirloin sandwiches served on the open fire grill (now famous in the CBD region).

Having done the market business for quite sometime, the only other logical route was to upscale to a restaurant; something unique and off the cuff. But where? Hence, in the deep and mysteriously cool setting of Maboneng Precinct, CHE Argentine Grill was born. A true and authentic little Argentina situated for the first four years in the heart of Joburg and then moved to Parkwood, with grills to tickle your taste buds and good company to welcome you in…Enjoy!